My name is Raffaele and I presently live in Jerusalem, where I came a few years ago from my birthplace of Milan in Italy. I always had a passion for history, besides being curious, so I finally choose to become a tour guide in Israel, despite the fact that I studied and worked in quite different fields.
I wish to convey my desire to introduce, help to understand and make you love this land.

The geography here is quite varied; you can go in short time from a biblical archaeological site to a sunny beach, from the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv to the desert sands, from the snowy Hermon to the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea.

Here history is always present, either when you are visiting Biblical sites or Roman archaeological remains, looking at a Byzantine mosaic or at a Crusader fortress.

It is the birthplace of the Jewish Bible, where Christianity was born and Muslims revere it too.

However, a country is unique also for the people living here. Here you can meet people coming from the four corners of the world: Orthodox Jews and women with the Islamic veil, Franciscan Friars and Protestant Pastors. You will hear people speaking Russian and French, English and Arab besides Hebrew of course.

If you are thinking to visit Israel, I invite you to come with me.